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Email Marketing 2016 - stay relevant with predictions


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MARCH 9, 2016

Email marketing is alive and fighting fit. In spite of it often being seen as an outdated digital medium, it remains relevant as an irreplaceable tool for marketers. It has evolved a lot over the past few years in terms of content, design and timing; and it is not slowing down.

Reports say that email users are double in number than Facebook and Twitter users combined! And by the end of 2016, there will be more than 4.6 billion Email accounts. With the spectacular use and prevalence of email for Marketing, check out a few predictions for 2016 to make the best of the email platform.


“Emails that I receive most of the time in my inbox are not of my interest” is the concern of many customers. People are more interested in receiving personalized messages, which goes beyond being addressed by their first name.

A customer receiving a relevant email message as the inbox is tapped is an engaging experience than an untailored message. Hence, personalized touch will be the important expectation of any customer at present and as well as in the future. Therefore, blasting of massive emails won’t work anymore and this should be a wakeup call for all digital marketers now. Set & get it right because opportunity through personalization is vast.

Mobile - Top Priority

66% of brand marketing emails are opened on mobile screens. So businesses need to reach at the customer’s place, at customer’s time on the customer’s chosen device. Marketing focus for 2016, should obviously be optimizing emails for mobile devices. The best way to engage customers on mobile devices is through responsive design, readable fonts, finger friendly buttons, concise contents etc.

Movement draws attention than static

Emails with videos and GIFs will conquer the stage in 2016. Embeddable content used within CTA’s helps to strengthen the message. Even though videos may not play in the inbox due to compatibility problems, there are creative ways to incorporate them in email marketing. Not only videos, GIF’s stand out in the email messages and gather attention. Live countdowns, video snippets, social media follower counts etc. can be used in email messages. If properly done, this may increase the click through rates radically and support call to actions (CTA).


Wearables - will have their mark and it is necessary to focus on them too via email marketing in order sustain in the current trend.

Lightboxes - basically a pop up in the website where the user can download or subscribe to the list of resources/collaterals, by providing their contact/personal information.

By making sure that you are offering something useful to customers, you may avoid this pop up to be felt as interruption while browsing the site.

In the end, the companies that are creative with email marketing will keep their businesses alive & growing. Email marketing is one of the important changes aspects of digital marketing & it will continue to progress. So the sooner you adopt and try out a few new approaches, the better it will be. By 2016, inboxes will be flooded with emails & emails marketers should be aligned with above mentioned upcoming trends to achieve their marketing goals.