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In love with ‘Her’- Samantha, An Hyper-Efficient VA
January 19, 2015

In the movie ‘Her’, Joaquin Phoenix, a writer recovering from lovers past, falls in love with his

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Why the next 10 years of internet of things will smash the last 10 years
January 14, 2015

A little over two decades in the year 1990 John Romkey and Simon Hackett connected another device

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Could the use of Voice Biometrics Change the way we bank?
January 5, 2015

As Companies like Apple, Samsung, PayPal, Square, and Google Wallet are embracing mobile payments

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Social Shopping: For The Instant-Everything World
January 5, 2015

One of the interesting trends in consumer behavior while shopping in both online and brick stores

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Is IT SECURITY a threat to your organization’s BYOD adoption?
January 5, 2015

Do not always blame technology. Now the blame is in your court. Play a fair game!

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10 Things Your Boss Should Know About Analytics
January 5, 2015

At an era when companies in different industries give a cut throat competition to each other and

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