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Why Internet of Things will make you question everything


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FEBRUARY 27, 2015

In the recently concluded CES 2015, among the plethora of gadgets and promises of a tech suave future, there was one particular concept that caught the imagination of the people present there. The rose-tinted glasses came out and internet enabled devices made one imagine the “ordinary” at a slightly more connected and “intelligent” way. Cisco predicts that there will be around 25 billion devices that will be connected to the internet in the year 2015; these statistics are all but surprising after experiencing the array of devices that were showcased.

The show and concepts left me thinking on the possibilities and calculated probabilities of being connected, helping me to breathe life into the devices that I use. Internet of things paradigm seems to make my now smart devices seem dumb, also it has left me with some queries on the way we use things that we take for granted. It’s not just one particular area that can benefit immensely out of this new paradigm but a whole web of things, some more beneficial than others, even a few of them made me think about why it isn’t connected to the web already.

A perspective shift

Internet of things is a paradigm shift in our world where the technology would be an enabler for a change in the way we perform our tasks. Everything that we do now from the mundane to the complicated can be made intelligent and seamlessly integrated with IoT, this could invariably take away a lot of effort and reduce errors from the human side. The impact of internet of things can be felt in different domains that includes but are not limited to medical, smart homes, industrial, smart grid, building automation, construction and smart transport.

In the healthcare sector, chips embedded into the body could sense vital signs that can help save lives by proactively informing the nearest medical aid and also caution you to refrain from potential hazardous activities.

Smart home application can help you to wake on time, the alarm can further communicate with the smart grid and transport to analyze the traffic if more or less time would be required for the commute and wake you accordingly. It sort of makes you more prepared for the uninitiated and help you to respond in an optimized manner. Reductions in utility bills can be realized by cutting out that running hose and switching off unused appliances that can cause wastage.

With cloud services coming into full force the components and things that we use can behave in a way that is conducive to our behavior pattern. The cloud can store your interactions with components and help the same response to be initiated no matter in which part of the world you are in, thus making you feel at ease.

There is bound to be a lot of changes once we embrace the full potential of internet of things. We would definitely stay wonder eyed gazing into the yonder questioning and reimagining the things as we know it now. It would be this curious enquiry that leads us to unfold the true potential of IoT leading to a utopia of technology enabled resurgence of the world as we know it, truly making it a wonderful place to live in.