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MARCH 17, 2015

‘Software defined’ means anything that is dynamically configurable or that which offers most of its administration functions via API. By using Software defined something, computer infrastructures are virtualised and delivered as a service. For instance in a SDX environment, networking, storage and data centre services are automated by software instead of hardware.




1.Better Value Generation and Improved Perfomance: Without SDX,companies have to make high investments in hardware for servers.Utilizing Software Defined technology reduces the storage cost . Also, there is no problem of integration which otherwise is a major concern while interlinking hardware devices.

2.Centralized Management: Multiple storage systems require multiple management tools for each of the devices. With SDX , a single point of control reduces the task of management and provides a common usage experience across the supported storage systems.Monitoring,reporting, workflow management can all be centrally controlled instead of going for multiple management tools.

3.Higher Efficiency: SDX provides centralized common storage services such as monitoring,reporting and authenticating across heterogeneous devices.Changes are made to a common software layer instead of individual storage devices- storage devices thereby can be upgraded to make use of technological advances. Also it balances workloads and prevents perfomance degradation and outages.

4.Lower Operating Costs: SDX improves the efficiency, provides better server utilization and control of virtualization thereby resulting in lower operational costs. Since most of the administrative issues are now centralized and automated the operating cost will come down.

5.Overcomes Cloud Adoption barrier: Network performance and security are major cloud adoption barriers. With Software defined networking(SDN) technology, network perfomance can be matched with the workload.

6.Improved Security: With Virtual machines taking the place of physical systems and companies encouraging BYOD strategies, security becomes more challenging.The SDN controller provides centralized point of control to distribute the security and policy information throughout the enterprise.

Software Defined Something is the way workloads will be deployed in future.It makes application deployment easier through the use of patterns that capture best practices .Its agility and centralised control makes it a better way to drive the ever changing business outcomes.