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In love with ‘Her’- Samantha, An Hyper-Efficient VA


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JANUARY 19, 2015

In the movie ‘Her’, Joaquin Phoenix, a writer recovering from lovers past, falls in love with his Siri-like personal assistant. Theodore and Samantha’s relationship becomes complicated, as questions regarding love, real-world relationships and marriage seem to hang unanswered.

Samantha, is a kind of virtual assistant that we haven’t seen before- an expressive virtual assistant, impressive conversationalist with a perfect command of language, involved in composing music, email dictation, conversing in natural language and sometimes emotions transcending the humanity of her human owner.

The type of Virtual Assistant depicted in the fantasy flick “Her”, can be found in real world products like Naunce’s Dragon Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana. While it’s highly unlikely for any of today’s virtual assistant turn into anything like Samantha, many natural language developers believe it won’t be long before Virtual Assistants get much more personal than they are now.

Virtual Assistants that are available in the marketplace engage in simple dialogs and are limited in predictive and proactive behavior. They are evolving in terms of simple commands –placing or directing calls, making appointments, helping in directions, booking tickets and performing searches.
Intelligent Virtual Assistant Vendors are leveraging natural language processing, intent recognition, advanced analytics, text to speech technologies and automatic speech recognition to provide an experience that totally delivers awesome customer experience.

When machine interactions with humans feel effortless, natural and “real”, then that’s the ultimate metric of success. To create the illusion of intelligence, companies are still using generic natural language processing with some clever front-end work.

The best part of the virtual assistant experience is that for a brief moment, you get the feel that you are interacting with a live person. You get this feel, because virtual assistants sound so human.

2015 promises to be the year that we will witness radical improvements in Intelligent Virtual Assistants.