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I LOVE MY VOICE! My Voice is My Password!


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MAY 25, 2015

In today’s digital world, we all have tens of passwords stored in Brain, Stickers, Papers, Mobile Phones, etc. Have you read news about lost money because ATM password was written in a piece of paper along with ATM Card?

Do you know the most-used password across the Globe?

The answer is very simple - literally – 123456 top the table followed by password (Can you believe many use the word “password” itself as a password?). And some other passwords in the list include 111111, 00000.

The fact is that we all are running out of passwords for various systems that we use today. I still struggle whether it was my mother’s name followed by a $ or my wife’s name or my daughters names. With so many rules defined for a STRONGEST password, digital life is becoming convoluted.

Failure of text based password lead to Biometrics. Common forms of biometrics used for logical and physical access control include fingerprint, facial, Iris and Voice.

Have you seen Bond movies? My name is Bond, James Bond! That charismatic mesmerizing voice allowed Bond to open many doors.

Yes – The solution to the Password menace lies with our own voice.

Many years of research in the Voice Technology helped to utilize ‘Voice Biometrics’ as a proven Authentication system. Voice Biometrics uses simple principles of Enrollment and Verification. During enrollment process, the voice prints are recorded and stored after sensing Biometric characteristics. During Verification process, it validates the current voice with the stored voice. Based on the result, it either allows or rejects the user.

“Voice Biometrics will play a major role in the Authentication world. Mobile based Biometrics will lead the mobile payment process. VB will be the critical component in Finance,Healthcare, Human resource and other sensitive applications”, says Aras Pillai, Vice President of Sensiple Software Solutions –a leading System Integrator in Voice Biometrics solutions.