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Getting Closer To Your Customers Than Ever Before


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MARCH 25, 2015

To survive in today’s unrealistic and sceptic market scenario, taking that extra step in delighting your customers, makes a difference. Guiding the customers along their customer journey serves as the heart and soul of contact centers. This poses challenges in terms of agent cost, interacting at the right time. Proactive Notification system helps in prompting the delivery of customized services to a slate of customers while accommodating their needs and preferences.

Recent Forrester survey predicts that 29 percent of enterprises are planning to invest in outbound communication for the forthcoming years. Outbound communications will help companies in adapting services lines according to the preferences of their customers. It is an integral part of every organization to query their customers, in their earlier part of their engagement lifecycle and identify their service preferences.

Proactive Notifications have been widely used by companies in healthcare, financial services, travel and tourism industries. These industries thrive on empowered relationship with customers. Companies can exceed customer expectations by constantly fine-tuning the messages based on urgency. Some usage scenarios in different industries include:


  • Appointment reminders
  • Prescription refill reminders


  • Proactively communicate to the customer’s information on check-in, flight changes/updates and upgrades
  • Travel loyalty programs


  • Remind customers of late payment courtesy calls
  • Alert customers of disruptions to prevent a spike in inbound customer complaint calls
  • Alert customers of a system shut down management
  • Welcome Greetings
  • Alert staff on emergency situations to ensure safety
  • Notify customers when power has been restored


  • Billing and payment information
  • Loyalty programs
  • Order confirmation status
  • Order shipping and delivery status
  • Personalized promotions

Sensiple Notification system helps to imperatively drive revenue and profits by:

  • Engaging customers with market opportunities to make them take advantage of multiple item purchase and product offers
  • Provoking early subscription or service plan renewals which will step up the revenue streams
  • Holding off the missed revenue opportunities by avoiding late and missed appointments
  • Keeping the customers engaged via various channels

There will be an increased usage of proactive outbound notification in the marketplace to reach customers via different channels in the future. As long as vendors remain focused on providing right information at right time to their customers, there will be a tremendous growth for this system in the market place for the forthcoming years.