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12 Secrets about Social Media


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FEBRUARY 27, 2015

Social media! The implications this new paradigm of communication and its use as a treasure trove of latent information is unquestionable. Then again, there comes the question of it being really “social” to the means of connecting people or rather not, that let us leave for another day’s bout. One thing that can be said free of much polarity is the potential of the data that gets generated from the different social platforms. How to make use of this data? And the ways to engage the customer is a different ball game altogether.

The best businesses are people businesses, where the most invaluable assets are the people who we engage with. The efficiency with which social media is being utilized can only be mostly accepted with a sheepish grin even from the people employing it. Social media is definitely the new paradigm and is reshaping the business landscape as we know it. Just like with any other media, social media too needs experienced and well thought out ideas to make the impact that we hope to have with it. Be it YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. all have a different shade of the social media platform that makes up a compelling social media experience. There are thus no secrets about social media but an effective integration of the different shades and comprehension of each aspect which becomes crucial to its success.

Keep In Mind

Now that the bubble of having secrets to an effective social media have been burst, let us try and understand the good practices that we can adopt.

  • You should ideally start it yesterday! : Yup! You read that right. Social media engagements take time to serve its actual purpose. There is an incubation time in which you have to get ready with the plan on the different social media platforms you will work with, the kind of contents you put out and the frequency with which you engage with the people. So you just can’t expect instant success.
  • Curate your content: There are many things you can write about or share with the people. What’s really important is to understand what to give out. Choose the relevant content and tailor it for different social media.
  • Make the content relevant: Give out to the people. Make the information relevant and satiate their wants and engage with them. This can help us understand the customers better and give them a better perspective.
  • Listen to the people: This is one way that can help us achieve the optimum use of the content we generate. Listening is a sure shot way to enable us to create well curated and relevant content.
  • Make it human: The different social media we use should ideally be more human centric. Feedbacks and complaint redressal needs to be monitored and dealt with high priority. This can help both in satisfaction of the customers and also reduce lackadaisical approach from the business end. Contents developed should be unequivocally personal and human so that it is easy for people to relate to.
  • Make it seamless: The steps that a person has to go through to get the transaction done should be hassle free and minimized as much as possible.
  • Don’t be a me me Media! Don’t let all what you create in the social media scream “me” and “my business” it has to be about others too. It is never a bad idea to give so that you shall receive in social media.
  • Don’t forget the share button: Improve and create content sharing options. This can invariably help the brand to reach a wide audience from the help of your customers.
  • Gamify your social media: The Gamification concepts can be used in ways that can make social media engagements more fun and rewarding. This can help prompt the user to do what the business wants them to do.
  • Go mobile: Mobile devices are becoming the preferred device for most social media activities. It is thus highly imperative that the contents developed be optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Use conversational tones for Social media: Make it sound like a human is making the conversation and not a machine. That can give a more credible and human nature to the entire social media experience.
  • Frequency Matters: Toe the fine line between being informative and being a nuisance. The frequency would again depend upon the medium and the type of audience.

So whatever combination of shades you choose for your social media, one thing that can be certain is that it will keep you on your toes. Be ready for action, read the pulse of the people whom you cater to, delight them, don’t let it be all about you and never forget that the returns are slow. So sow your social media crops well in advance, when its time savor the success and be ready to further change the gameplay.