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10 Surprising ways Internet of things are more refreshing


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FEBRUARY 27, 2015

The internet as we know it is essentially a human to human medium of interaction. It has been the major change agent, improving the way we connect, exchange, consume, learn, work and play; in short it has made life more easier and comfortable. Internet has constantly evolved from the days of Tim Berner-Lee’s “read-only web”, Web 1.0, to his “read-write web” era of Web 2.0. From the present day Web 2.0 we are now witnessing the next stage of evolution in much greater magnitude as we step into the era of Web 3.0 the “read-write-execute web”.

Web 3.0 will see the internet breaking its boundaries of human to human interactions to an internet of everything to everything thus explaining the exponential magnitude of devices online. So far the internet has roughly the equivalent of 50 Petabytes (1 Petabyte=1024 Terabytes) of data, all these were input by humans either in the form of pictures, videos, audio and text files over the span of the web. Things are about to get much bigger with the advent of Internet of things, the kind of data generated will make the 50 Petabytes of human input like a droplet in an ocean of Web 3.0 data. The connected devices can intrinsically consume data it requires to transform into information and how do they do it? The answer lies in the frontier of semantic web. The web of the present is made purely for human consumption; semantic web would alter that by making it interpretable by machines themselves thus helping the machines to make decisions for us.

This comprehension and the extraction of information from data can help us to be served by the “things” around us. The scope of this new frontier is only limited by imagination be it in your personal life or business and for luxury or for need, as time passes prepared to be amazed and pampered. Let’s get a sneak-peek into the refreshing possibilities that Internet of things can offer.

  1. Liberation of the Data

    The data generated by machines and humans are huge and with the advent of analytics and incorporating them into Internet Of things, essential information can be extracted. No more would the data be encrypted and made into obsolete junk instead actionable insights would be gained from them that can help make sense of business challenges. This data would be in a form that even the machines can understand thus enabling it for better communication between devices.
  2. Meanwhile back at home…

  3. Waking up: You will never miss an appointment or a flight, your personal dairy has taken a note of your early morning crusade and ensures you wake up by talking to your alarm. The curtain blinds go off, the lights come in and before you hit the shower you have a hot water bath waiting for you. As you step into the kitchen it already has the aroma of the freshly grounded coffee and a hot cup awaits you.
  4. Energy saving: After that hot cup of tea and the morning news you step out to leave for office, all the electrical appliances gets switched off as you leave the area.
  5. Security: The house goes locked down and switching on the motion sensors for intruder alert helping you feel safe and secure about the safety of your house.
  6. On the way to work

  7. Commute: You get into your car, the car talks with the local traffic updates and chooses the least congested way to commute to the office. Helps you save time and the hassle of driving around in circles.
  8. At work

  9. Reliability: Your office is at the 24th floor and with more than a few thousand people working there the elevators, automatic doors all should work glitch-free assuring you a hassle free entry into the office space. Reliability is a key issue for around the clock mechanical objects. With an embedded sensor and internet of things data can be sent for enhancing uptime and improved reliability.
  10. Operational performance/ productivity: Your productivity is going down a notch as you have worked hard for too long, your fatigue state is recognized and you are advised to stay away to recharge those sore grey matter. The state of machines can also be monitored for the optimum performance and if it is overloaded and the remaining processing capabilities left.
  11. Continuous interaction: With continuous interaction in a non-obtrusive, on time and proactive way your clients feel much cared for personally. This can also help marketers make reach out to customers in a more meaningful manner.
  12. Healthcare: It’s time for your regular pills and a reminder is sent to your phone to remind you to pop those pills. The heart rate monitor checks for any anomalies and if any updates your doctor on the same. Your usual dose of workout is monitored ensuring that you are keeping an optimum level of fitness.
  13. Environment: It can help you to monitor air pollution levels in real time giving updates on your gas guzzler and your contribution to the pollution trouble. Also get real time updates of the weather and of other calamities helping you to be prepared.

The scope mentioned above is just a skin deep portrayal of the possibilities and capabilities of Internet of things. There are many things that will be connected and the future is beckoning us to embrace the evolving web by fully understanding the pros and the possible threats one can face. Internet of things is definitely what the net will evolve to be for a long time.